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Mean Girls is Coming Home to Philly

The holidays are upon us – and it’s time to make merry with your loved ones. As people travel back home, residents of Philly have something more to anticipate. Tina Fey – who was born and bred in ... Read More

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Broadway’s ‘MEAN GIRLS’ Maintaining its Relevance – Adds Fun New Topics and One-Liners

The already quotable film classic – turned Broadway musical, Mean Girls, adds some new topics and one-liners at the Civic Center in Des Moines to remain ‘Fetch!’ Since the film “Mean Girls” ... Read More

Mean Girls in Shea’s – Cast Delivers a Flashy and Memorable Performance

Mean Girls is the very definition of a cult-status classic! The ingenious 2004 film written by Tina Fey took the film industry and teenagers all around the world by storm. As if this was not enough, the ... Read More

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Reneé Rapp to Make her Broadway Debut With Mean Girls

Reneé Rapp will be among the cast of the musical hit Mean Girls. The award-winning actress will play the role of Regina George, succeeding Taylor Louderman. The recently named Best Actress at the 2018 ... Read More

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Mean Girls Musical Cast is Giving a Whole New Definition on What It Means to be a Strong Woman

One of the characteristics that perfectly encapsulates what the women in the 2004 movie Mean Girls stand for is Strength. Strength is what made an outsider like Cady Heron to rise from the bottom all the ... Read More