Mean Girls is Coming Home to Philly

The holidays are upon us – and it’s time to make merry with your loved ones. As people travel back home, residents of Philly have something more to anticipate. Tina Fey – who was born and bred in Upper Darby, Philadelphia – is bringing the ‘Mean Girls’ home!

mean girls home

The Mean Girls musical is a theatrical spectacle based on the highly successful 2004 film by the same name. The story revolves around the Cady Heron’s quest to find her social place in the jungle-like life of American high schools.

Cady is thrown into an unfamiliar school setting when her parents relocate from Africa. According to Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond, Cady is “thrown into the school setting that she’s never been in…So in there, she has to find her way… She can either stay good or turn to the evil side.”

While trying to survive, Cady quickly makes both friends and frenemies. In particular, she befriends the funny and flamboyant Damien, Janice the goth girl, and Aaron Samuels. On the darker side of her American life, Cady has to cope with Regina George’s plastics – a group of mean and ruthless girls who are hell-bent on power.

In an attempt to make the musical relatable in our current age of social media and mobile devices, the show recently updated their script to incorporate these technological tools – and highlight the new-age challenges encountered by teenagers.

Regardless of the new one-liners, Fey notes that the Mean Girls narrative is “still about human beings and what we do to each other and when we’re kind of blinded by love or jealousy, and trying to find a funny way to get at that topic.”

Richmond points out that the Mean Girls musical is simply a visual delight brimming with tons of jokes, fantastic voices, great songs, and big musical numbers. The show is a collaboration between Fey, her husband, and Nell Benjamin (lyricist).

Philly, are you ready for the full-hit Broadway musical’s Mean Girls homecoming? If we were to take Fey for her words, “It’s a great night out, and it will truly be entertaining for the whole family.”

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